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From The Ground Up

From the Ground Up, Bureau and Putnam CountiesFrom the Ground UP! is a project lead by Bureau and Putnam County Health Department through a grant funded by the US Department of Agriculture, Farmers Market Promotion Program. We seek to help local residents build their health, From the Ground Up!

Find Area Growers

We live in an area with a rich farming history and some of the best soils in the world. We also have some of the best growers, providing our area with an abundance of healthful choices in fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats and eggs. They have a strong commitment to sustainable farming with the firm conviction that healthy soils produce healthy food. You'll have confidence as you eat and share their food!

→ View Our Directory of Area Growers Here!

Area Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets are more than just a place to find great, fresh, healthy, locally grown and raised foods. They build our community, our economy and our health, From the Ground Up!

→ Find Your Area Farmers Markets Here!

Loyalty Program

From the Ground Up Loyalty ProgramIn the words of the Kentucky farmer and writer, Wendell Berry, "Every time you make a decision about food, you are farming by proxy." The new Loyalty Program makes it possible for every customers to truly support local growers and earn fun prizes in the process. Those that are already loyal, by purchasing a share of the farm through Community Supported Agriculture, earn as well. You can get started at with local growers at our participating markets; Sheffield, Walnut, Granville and Spring Valley.

→ Learn More about our From the Ground Up! Loyalty Program Here

How to Build Your Health From the Ground Up!

From the Ground Up, Bureau and Putnam CountiesBuilding health "From the Ground Up!" is the safe method to prevent and even treat many of the chronic disease that are now the leading causes of illness and death in the U.S. and in our local area. Preventing these diseases is the first strategic goal of the Bureau & Putnam County Health Departments. What's the best way to start? Can you hear your mother's voice saying it? "Eat your vegetables!"

It's easy to start with sugar snap peas and tomatoes from Jacob Jameson, at Walnut Custom Veggies in Walnut, Irish kale and micro greens from Tim, Pat and Dick Marquis at Mill Road Farm in Sheffield, and broccoli and cauliflower from Katy Clarke at Edgewood Farm in Princeton, just to name a few of our great local growers. Sustainably raised meat is sold at all of our markets as well including Walnut Acres family Farm and Meadow Haven Farm. Crunch an apple a day from Donnie Appleseed Orchard and you're all set! Eating local foods will be a treat for your health and your appetite this summer.

Joy Kauffman, with From the Ground UP, whose education is a BS in Nutrition with a Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins, would be happy to speak to your community group on several topics related to local foods, health, and nutrition. She enjoys sharing inspirational and factual information about how to improve their health through dietary changes and also invest in our local food system. Together we can build our health From the Ground Up.

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