Family Health

Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Lead poisoning continues to have a negative impact on children. Leaded paint was used in homes built up to 1978 and we have many older homes in Bureau County. This leaded paint can result in subtle but serious health problems.

Children who live in these older homes, or often spend time in one, should be tested at ages one and two. Lead testing is also required prior to school and for many day care centers.

To prevent lead poisoning in young children, frequent hand washings with soap and water are important, especially before meals and bedtime. A diet high in iron (meats, cereals), calcium (milk, cheese, yogurt), and Vitamin C (juices and many fruits and vegetables) helps the child’s body absorb less lead.

For a lead screening on your child, please call 815-879-0341.

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For any questions or information on lead concerns, including lead abatement, please call 815-872-5091 ext 225.