Family Health

Health Screenings

The following screenings are available:

BMP - Basic Metabolic Panel$30
CBC with Differential & Platelet$30
CMP - Comprehensive Metabolic Panel$35
Fasting Glucose$20
Free T4 (Thyroid Test)$44
TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone$45
TSH + Free T4$60
Hepatic Function (Liver Function)$35
Hemoglobin A1C (Blood Sugar Average)$45
Lipid Panel (Cholesterol Level)$30
PSA - Prostate Specific Antigen$40
Measles/Mumps/Rubella Immunity$75
Mumps Antibodies, IgG$35
Rubella Antibodies, IgG$35
Sedimentation Rate-Erythrocyte$20
Testosterone, Serum (Adult Male)$75
Testosterone, Total (Woman/Child)$125
Varicella-Zoster V Ab, IgG$100
Hep B Surface Antibody$50
OB Panel$75
Vitamin D$40
Testosterone, Serum (Adult Male)$75
Direct LDL$65

There will be a $10 dollar drawing fee for each visit