Emergency Preparedness

What is Bio-Terrorism?

The intentional release of a virus, bacteria, or toxin upon a population for the purpose of causing illness or death.

What can be done in an Emergency?

If you believe that you have been exposed to a biological or chemical agent, or if you believe an intentional biological threat will occur or is occurring, please contact your local police or other law enforcement agency and/or your local health department.

The Bureau and Putnam County Health Departments work cooperatively with state and local agencies to coordinate our response to an emergency event. We focus on a basic overall emergency plan, which includes but isn't limited to terrorism. Preventing a terrorism event is the job of law enforcement - The FBI, state and local police, and other law enforcement agencies.

The Bureau and Putnam County Heath Department is part of an 8 county Public Health Bio-Terrorism preparedness Region. The Illinois Department of Public Health has employed an Emergency Response Coordinator for this Region to provide us assistance in our planning.

If an attack should occur, the Bureau and Putnam County Health Department together with other federal, state, and local emergency responder agencies have plans in place to minimize the risk and treat those who may become ill.

Some Biological Agents