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Environmental Health Services

West Nile Virus Surveillance Program

The purpose of West Nile Virus Surveillance is to notify the public that the disease is found in Bureau County and Putnam County and to educate the public of the dangers of West Nile Virus. The health department collects mosquitoes using traps and tests these mosquitoes to determine if they are positive for the virus. The health department collects dead birds and ships them to the Illinois Department of Agriculture Lab in Galesburg for testing. Guidelines for the collection of dead birds can be found below:

Collection of Dead Birds

  • Bird cannot be dead for more than 48 hours
  • Body still intact
  • No signs of decomposition (ex. Maggots, Strong Odor, Deflated Eyes)
  • No signs of injuries or missing body parts
  • Blue Jays, Crows, and Robins are accepted by the health department

Additional Information