Community Partners Against Substance Abuse Coalition (CPASA)

CPASA is a group of community partners started from the health department's 2007 IPLAN. In 2008 the Coalition was awarded a Federal Drug Free Communities Grant to develop strategies to decrease youth substance abuse, including underage drinking, tobacco use, marijuana, prescription drugs, inhalants and newer drugs like bath salts and K2. Today the coalition has over 40 engaged, active members working together and several programs, including:

Prescription Take-Back Program

National statistics show that 1 in 5 teens deliberately abuse prescription drugs each year. In 2010 CPASA & local law enforcement agencies brought prescription drug collection boxes to Princeton, Spring Valley and Hennepin. This program allows our community to dispose of unwanted medication safely.

Operation Snowball (OS)

This youth initiative empowers teens to lead drug-free lives. In 2010 "Operation Snowball" was started with Princeton teens and will be open to all high schools in our community, providing alcohol-free youth events with motivational speakers, peer leadership and team building.

Illinois Youth Survey

CPASA advocates for local school participation in this survey, which tracks risky behaviors in youth grades 6-12. The results of the survey are extremely valuable in determining the best ways to decrease youth substance abuse in our community.

Teen Showcase

Teen Showcase is a one-day event for students 7th grade through high school. In 2010, 598 students attended Teen Showcase to learn about the importance of making positive life choices.

Substance Abuse Education

CPASA participates in several programs that discourage the sale of alcohol to minors including the state-wide "Sticker-Shock" and "Shoulder Tap" programs, and provides substance abuse education for the community.

Basset Training

CPASA offers Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Educational Training for local businesses that sell or serve alcohol. Basset emphasizes responsible alcohol service.